Temanggung. 2009. A statue of St.Benedict - patron of trappist monastery in Temanggung, Central Java. Trappist monks separated their life from society. They dedicated their life to pray and live in austere rule including a vow of silence.


Singkawang. 2010. Tatung is a person who become a channel the gods to grant wishes and spread good luck. During cap go meh festival -the fifteenth day after chinese new year- in Singkawang,Indonesia, they paraded in sedan chairs 'decorated' with spikes and blades. They are also known to pierce their own faces during trance.


Bandung. 2012. Indonesia paratroopers prepare for a parachute dropping show to commemorate the military day.


Bintan Island.2010. Ethi held her son, Alif Fasyah, carefully in migrant workers shelter at Bintan Island, Indonesia. Ethi was deported from Malaysia as illegal migrant workers. Human trafficking is an issue which disturbing the Indonesia and Malaysia relation. Human trafficking agent operated their monkey business by cheating and send the workers illegally to destination countries. As the workers does not have permit and passport, they seized by police during a raid and deported to their home country.


Yogyakarta.2009. Nanda, a disable child, lay down in her bed in Mother's Wing orphanage. This orphanage take care of disable children in Yogyakarta.


Yogyakarta.2008. A child standing in the location of student demonstration in Yogyakarta. The demonstration, which criticize the 'rising costs of oil price' policy by the Indonesia government, ended by riot.


Yogyakarta.2008. Student demonstration in Yogyakarta, which criticize the 'rising costs of oil price' by the Indonesia government, ended by riot.


Sidoarjo. 2007. Containers are buried in a deserted village in Sidoarjo, East Java. In 2006, a natural disaster occurred in a mining pit owned by a company called Lapindo. Mud then flowing to the surface and flooding villages. The company argue that this is an unpredictable natural disaster. Yet, several scientist and investigator find that the company didn't do the Standard Operational Procedure. In this all controversial argument, the disaster is still occurred. Thousands people were fled from this area.


Central Java. 2010. A headless Budha statue at Borobudur, Central Java. Many Indonesia artifacts are stolen and sold illegally in global trading. Lack of security, awareness and preservations make this problem occurred regularly.


West Kalimantan.2010. A scene of a dry land agriculture in West Kalimantan. The slash-and-burn agriculture are practiced by some of Kalimantan's indigenous people. This is the reason why some dry land agriculture laid near forest.


West Kalimantan. 2007. A dayak people walked toward the forest. For this Kalimantan's indigenous people, forest are a place where they could get daily life needs.


West Kalimantan. 2010. Orangutan Kalimantan (Pongo Pygmaeus Pygmaeus) is an endemic species who live in Borneo. This species has been noted as 'endangered species' by IUCN Red List. World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) estimated that there's only 2000 still living in West Borneo. Illegal logging, wildlife hunting and the widespread of land use change are factors that caused its extinction.


West Kalimantan.2011. Canoe is an important transportation in Kalimantan. As mighty rivers stretch across this island, water transportation has been a popular way for people.


Yogyakarta. 2011. Yogyakarta in the time of full moon night.


Yogyakarta. 2013. Dangdut is the most popular music in Indonesia. Mostly, the singer are women who sing and dancing attractively. For low class society, dangdut has been an antidote for their stress life.


Solo. 2009. A masked character performed in Solo batik carnival. This carnival is an annual festival dedicated to celebrate batik as Indonesia heritage. As a host city, Solo is one of several cities who produce Indonesian authentic batik.


Central Java. 2006. Monks pray at Vesak day in Borobudur, Central Java. Vesak day is commemorated to the birth, enlightenment and death of Budha.


West Kalimantan. 2011. A shaman is preparing an offering during Nibakng ceremonial. Nibakng ceremony is celebrated annually by dayak people to respect their ancestor spirit. During this ceremony sacred music instruments are played.


West Kalimantan. 2011. A group of shaman walking circularly during Nibakng ceremonial. Nibakng ceremony is celebrated annually by dayak people to respect their ancestor spirit. During this ceremony, sacred music instruments are played as shamans dancing and walking circularly.


Yogyakarta. 2007. A group of 'kuda lumping' performers. Kuda lumping is a Javanese performance art. The actor will dance and act as if they are riding a horse.


Yogyakarta. 2007. A group of 'kuda lumping' performers. Kuda lumping is a Javanese performance art. The actor will dance and act as if they are riding a horse.


Siem Reap. 2012. Nien and her children sold lotus which has been harvested from their land to a buyer. In Siem Reap, Cambodia, lotus is not just a divine flower sacrificed to temple. It also has been an economic and medicine commodity for peasants.


Surabaya. 2010. Mak Tiwi and his grandchildren are homeless family who live in a broken cars train in Surabaya. Without social security, homeless people are live in vulnerable position in society.


Toraja. 2010. People carry a coffin to their family grave in Toraja. Funeral is the most important ceremony in Torajan culture. It can be spread over several days and involve hundreds of guests. Torajan believe that the souls of animals should follow their masters to the next life, hence the importance of animal sacrifices. After the funeral was done, the Toraja started to bury their dead in caves or family grave.


Bontang. 2013. A girl is playing in Berasbasa beach, Bontang, Indonesia. Bontang is a well known city where natural gas are exploited from Borneo island to several industrial countries. Besides built industrial area, the local gas company also develop several infrastructure in this city. Berasbasa beach is one of several places developed by the company. After several development years, this beach has been taken over to district government and open for public.